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Insignia GT S. Joy Mountford

S. Joy Mountford has been designing and managing interface design efforts for over 20 years. Her experience encompasses a range of innovative and pioneering interface developments on different user systems from airplanes to PCs to consumer electronics. Most recently she was at Interval Research Corporation for over 5 years leading a series of musical development projects. Previously she was the creator and manager of the highly acclaimed Human Interface Group at Apple Computer for nearly eight years. Before joining Apple, Joy worked at MCC, an A.I. computer consortium and prior to that she designed advanced user interfaces for military avionics systems at Honeywell.

Joy initiated Apple's International Interface Design Project and continued this at Interval. Both have been catalysts in setting up and funding various interdisciplinary courses at universities around the world. She frequently teaches at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, and at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU - ITP. She is on various editorial boards across the design and interaction communities, and is an elected board member of International Design Conference in Aspen and a contributor to the Discover awards. She conceived of and formed the team that wrote and edited "The Art of Human Computer Interface Design" by Addison Wesley, 1987.

She has given a series of invited lectures and presentations worldwide featuring highly interactive HCI multi-media demonstrations, including plenary addresses at many conferences: CHI, INTERACT, TED and Siggraph etc. Joy's graduate training was in Engineering Psychology from University of Illinois and her undergraduate work from University College London. She attended INSEAD business school for managers of technology groups. She has several issued and pending interface patents. Her areas of professional specialty are interaction design techniques for rapid prototyping and methodology for user involvement. More particularly she has worked on various on-line music projects, 3-D design and displays, and applied speech technology.